Tuesday, April 29, 2008


* for your brains.

Monday, April 28, 2008

the spurs are poo + Van Gundy rules

this guy has got to play big if this is going to be any kind of series.

and Mr. Stoudemire, you better ice the crap out of whatever you've got to ice. i mean it. i hate the spurs.

i will echo heidi's sentiments when i say that one of the best parts of the playoffs has been the addition of Jeff Van Gundy as NBA commentator. although Ginobili is the rightful owner of the nickname "Balki" for obvious reasons, Van Gundy will always be "Old Balki" in my eyes. however, the best JVG moment was of course when he tried to stop Alonzo Mourning from murdering Charles Oakley by jumping on his leg.
hey Clippers, why don't you get this Van Gundy guy and fire Dunleavy, okay? he's kinda the coolest guy i know right now.

business card

last week i was handed a business card from one of the background actors on Ben and Burman. my favorite part is the third prong of his title, "Liasion". does that mean what i think that means? the thing that really frys me is on the back of the card i saw my hopes dashed. i was on the verge of shooting some new headshots and he totally stole my idea for a BACKSHOT.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

new things

currently filming the webseries "Ben and Burman".

i play the evil Sherman, king of Hollywood d-bags. here is one of the publicity stills.

also, recently worked on my buddy Marc Clebanoff's new comedy, "Gerald" . i play a Funeral Director who really isn't all that reverent about the whole death aspect of the job.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


"WHOOP gets a make-over" - NY TIMES

"Papa's got a brand new blog" - BALTIMORE SUN

"Someone has too much time on his hands...and with it 'someone' spruced up his goose" - CHINA GAZETTE

ok, ok, i admit it...i've neglected my one and only blog lately. the lady routinely shows a more passionate and valiant effort over at SUCK.


it was feeling a little dank and dark up in here, so i welcomed Spring in with a little brightening up.

and if you take a look off to your right, you'll notice that you don't have to leave the comfort of your favorite blog to enjoy minutes and minutes of entertainment - you can now view BRAND NEW videos from the geniuses at The Attack! right here, like the Earth Day inspired "THERE WILL BE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY"...enjoy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

finish line

help THE ATTACK win the Youtube Sketchies 2 contest.

voting ends Tue. April 15th at 9pm PST.

go here and click "next video" until you hit ours entitled "An End of an Era".

click the THUMBS UP sign and it will turn green.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

supermodels heart athletes

whether it's Giselle and Douche Bag Brady or ANTM winner Eva Pigford dining w/ Giants defensive end Michael Strahan...models love athletes.

however, i'm still really confused why Victoria's Secret Model Adriana Lima would ever want to waste her time w/ the all-time most annoying and frustratng ex-Clippers point guard, Marko Jaric (i mean besides the money - and the fact that this guy gets to make money playing basketball, let alone receiving NBA contracts, is another conversation altogether).

he is a massive doofus. here and here is sufficient proof.

boys will be boys

gayest photo shoot EVER!

Friday, April 4, 2008

the role of the drummer

not to pat myself on tha back, but i am a seasoned "percussionist" and have for years followed the known protocol that a professional of such an occupation should follow.

most people would say the role of the drummer is limited to keeping tempo and making sure the rhythm is dynamic...in other words, compliment what the rest of the group is doing.
but most people forget that you should also:

1) wear makeup

i think the Ultimate Warrior makeup showed my stringent devotion to the letter of the drummer's law (note the very rock n' roll wooden name sign).

2) have one arm having kept all my appendages, i've never been able to acheive this level of awesome, but i did frequently wear tanktops and sport a flawless "wave" hairstyle, while playing A drum and A cymbal.
3) be classically ancient, aka 113 years old
4) have head to toe fur, a unibrow, no upper teeth and only 7 bottom teeth and wear a chain
i couldn't really make these things happen either, but i did play Unskinny Bop at a church talent show with my band STEEL IMAGE. that's gotta be good for something

but nobody maximizes the role of the drummer like the gentleman below.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new tatt

smaller than it was supposed to be.

my mom's probably gonna freak, but it's really special and means something to me.

whaddaya think?

pork chop pizza