Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the camby man can

and the summer just keeps getting better.

2007-2008 stats for MARCUS CAMBY:

- 1st in blocked shots (3.6)
- 2nd in rebounds (13.1)
- 70% FT shooter

thank you for being a friend

R.I.P. Estelle. you sure put the "spunk" in "spunky old lady characters".

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the b. diddy era

so now that the rubble seems to have cleared for a moment in Clipper Nation, i've had time to assess...

i blame:

1. Falk - for being an egomaniac who was insulted that Brand would make agreements without his consent. who cares. you work for Elton. not the other way around. he can do what he wants.

2. Brand - for being weak and a liar. he was foolish to think that his allegiance to a vile, poisonous agent is more important than being a man of his words and being a person of integrity.

i applaud:

1. Sterling - for finally being aggressive and trusting a basketball mind like Dunleavy in management decisions.

2. Dunleavy - for being frank with the media and calling out Falk/Brand, for sticking up for the few positive strides Sterling is making, and for getting angry, and setting the record straight - instead of being a fraud who only cares about their own career and image (ahem, Elton). you are a dynamite coach. thank you.

3. Baron - for indeed keeping his word & being positive. L.A. is now your town. you've given us a lot of hope. we need you.

lastly, i actually thank Brand, because now our options are limitless and we do not have our hands tied to a mediocre leader. Now B. Diddy is the captain.

p.s. Brand, remember when you played w/ Andre Miller several years ago to awful results? or did Falk conveniently forget to mention that little detail while he force fed you all your thoughts and feelings these past two weeks?