Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008


japanese impersonators sing "we are the world".

Sunday, May 11, 2008

rue mcclanna-cookie

i kind of have a crush on the the guys at Fatal Farm.


i don't know about everyone elses', because i only have mine.

example was and is strong, kindness shines.

this picture was taken only a month after it all.

so, like the books and the detective series

the evidence still shows she kept us laughing & loving.

trials be damned, she kept it so cool.

and by van we would travel and by soda she'd fuel.

she's a favorite to most, but i'm her #1 fan.

this is a fighter. this is my mom.

i love you.

> whitterby angelou

tv is stupid

dear creators & all involved with the CW's "Gossip Girl",

you and your show are not cool. your recent poster that was plastered all over my fair city was predictable. unfortuantely, given your shallow viewpoints and base taste in entertainment (hence why you have a job on a show on the CW), you probably greenlit this add compaign because you imagined this to be "racy" and "cutting edge". bummer, because most people view it as tacky and foolish. all it was was good ol' fashioned shock value - which is tired and flimsy. shock value is usually the dumb man's version of art. angles, vocabulary and story telling are the thinking man's window to truth and art... try leaning on that instead. i imagine you probably justified the decision to use these posters w/ something like:

"it's not like kids don't hear that kind of language at school. kids talk that way. it's not our fault. we're just depiciting the truth of real life."

the difference is the unabashed glorification of vulgarity masked as art.

the people who created the XFL also thought that show was "edgy" and "fun". desperate housewives still has a large viewership - anyone ever watched a whole episode of that? it'll pull your brain right out of your head, it sucks so hard. bill maher and bill o'reilly still think that they help their respective causes by debasing the other side and it's supporters. so stupid. people still watch the bachelor and the real world - and i have no idea why? actually that's not true - i know why. because people will not stand up. unfortunately we digest whatever is put in front of our faces. and until those who's job it is to decide what to put in front of our faces strive to have more integrity, it'll never change. we are lazy. stop being lazy and trust your true instincts and intuitions - your conscience. that's where truth resides. a person doesn't go to the strip joint because they've thought it through and through and in the end, it makes a lot of sense. no they go because they are lazy and are selfish. if i have to sneak around, lie, and it ends up hurting others, oh well....i'm a man, i need certain things. so stupid.

i certainly believe that art should be a mirror of life and the human condition. and true, sometimes life is ugly, but there is a definite line between telling the truth and glorifying something that is crude and unnecessary - which in 99.9% of cases can contribute to the break down of the human spirit - which is the opposite affect you should be looking to get when creating. my opinion is that art is to help us as people figure out our roles in this planet more fully.

so, grow up Gossip Girl. be responsible. kids watch you. have some dignity. none of us likes growing up and taking on responsibilities, but that's what happens. and when you join the adult world you have one simple decision to make: either you're going to provide a positive example that encourages the younger generations to be leaders and selfless, or you're going to be a cynical and negative force that assists kids in growing up hopeless and damaged.

i hope the money and fame is worth it.


whitby flint hertford

Friday, May 2, 2008

i give

older brother rule # 1 circa 15 years ago -
"it is not cool to like the same music as your younger and more girly siblings."

but the truth is...the girls have always had pretty emaculate taste - i just wouldn't say so. sometimes younger people know more than older people

MATES OF STATE's new track "get better" from the forth coming re-arrange us just makes me feel happy. which is good.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


calvin (sales clerk): umm..lou?
lou (store manager): yeah, calvin?
calvin: uh, while on my smoke break i noticed that part of the sign out front...
lou: what?
calvin: i was saying, that i noticed that the sign out front...
lou: what sign?
calvin: the one in front that says the name of...
lou: yeah yeah, the one that says the name of the store. uh huh, what about it?
calvin: well, it's uh, missing some, there are some lights that are...
lou: what? some of the lights are too bright?
calvin: no, they're not too bright. actually...
lou: is it the picture of the little lightbulb, you think it's ugly?
calvin: no, it's not that the lightbulb...it's not ugly...it's just that the lightbulbS...you know plural...
lou: what? you think i should have spelled the end of BULBS with a "z" instead of an "s"? makes it cooler, maybe?
calvin: no, it's not the letters. i mean, it IS the letters, but not...
lou: i'm sorry calvin, you're taking forever to explain yourself and i have lightbulbs to sell. and so do you. so why don't you get back to work, ok?