Thursday, September 4, 2008

GOP Convention = Pyramid Scheme Seminars

now i've only been to a few wacky pyramid scheme seminars in my life, but the convention certainly reminded me of those kinds of events.

it felt like i was watching a WWE match, or a rodeo.

also, when did Republicans become the face for religion? that's the saddest part for me. God doesn't vote, people.

words that seemed prevalent while i watched the CNN coverage:

- yee-ha
- vindictive, feminist 6th grade substitute teachers
- guns
- line-dancing
- Dockers
- moose
- white
- old

oh's gonna be a LONG two months.


Jim said...

Only because the Democrats Liberals would do away with religion and replace it with a Government Program that would include everyone..

and like I told Heid's.. it's the small towns that keep this country going, and they most likely wear Dockers, and go line dancing but they also grow our food, and serve in our military, and truck the fancy things that we like to buy across the Country. and yes drive gas guzzling trucks.

(I'm not sure where the Moose comes from..LOL)

Good to see you jumping in with some Blogging.. you should go more in depth, More than bullet points.

see you at church.. I will be there this time I swear..

Anonymous said...
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