Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the comeback

it has been quite some time since i've posted.

here is an update of my life:

* got skinnier
* got fatter
* got skinny/fattish
* got punched in the face by a nice Armenian man
* had my car broken into and my iPOD stolen
* shunned both chris paul and shawn marion to draft both baron davis & kevin garnett in my fantasy league
* wrote a whole lot
* fell in love with a new TV show
* thoroughly enjoyed Doyer postseason baseball
* was told i might need to wear an eye patch and not for Halloween purposes
* made friends
* lost friends
* saw evolved and inspired CHT art
* went in the ocean wearing only a towel as a sarong
* watched a lot of Stewart & Colbert
* listened to some O'Reilly and Hannity

the final two segway into my being entrenched & fascinated with the same political madness as the rest of the country. this reason is what kept me from THE WHOOP for so long. every time i got on here i just started writing rants and realizing that i was turning into a crazy person. i now feel centered, at ease and ready for a comeback.

this little clip from the genius work of Mr. Charlie Chaplin in the THE GREAT DICTATOR says much more about how i feel currently than i ever could.


Heidi said...

That is a fantastic speech - I wish Chaplin was still around, but his commentary is obviously still completely relevant and poignant.

Chelsea H. Taylor said...

thanks, whiz. mostly for wearing an eyepatch. i really think it's a good idea. at least when you're doing laundry or whatever.

Tina said...

Great video. I found a post on some of the great speeches of the past- Charlie's was in it. Thought you'd enjoy.

ET said...

Holy cows! We've missed a lot. I expect at least a sentence or two on most of those bullets.