Sunday, November 2, 2008

30 is the new HELL YEAH!

man-boy turns 3-0!

this past saturday, heidi and the crew threw me a major surprise B-day party for the ability to live to my 30th year on earth.
many loops were created and secrets were upheld to keep all the details from me. i was blown away.

it had all the ingredients that i love:
- friends
- popcorn machine
- family
- hot dog bar
- "the empire strikes back" & "return of the jedi" projected on a huge ball
- cheesecake
- old school guitar hero (to keep things gangsta)
- laughs

getting old sorta blows, but i also feel so damn mature and dignified now. this party helped me to realize that i wear my age really well and that i have the best chums a fella could have.

thanks to heidi, the taylors, jonathan and the popcorn machine guy for making it a swell evening.

(special thanks goes to Edward Thomas III Esq. for the pics)


brighton quinn said...

these pictures make me so happy. a little sad i wasn't there of course, but everyone looks like they're having a great time and whitby you look like a real boy... but a real man now i guess. 30rock. do it.

Ms. Read said...

This looks so fun.
Good job Miz Heidi. Wish I had been there. Boo-hoo - but I'm the only one who was there for the first one!!! or the zero one!!